7 best IPTV players for Android & TV Box ( 2023 )

   10 best IPTV players for Android & TV Box

IPTV can improve your Android or TV viewing experience by offering superior resolution, enhanced dynamic range, and a wider selection of channels compared to traditional television.

The finest IPTV players for Windows come equipped with various features, including built-in support for media encoding, live TV streaming, audio/video customization, versatile file format compatibility, and more.
10 best IPTV players for Android & TV Box
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To assist you in choosing the right option, we have compiled a list of the top 6 IPTV players for Windows. Our research involved assessing these tools based on factors such as supported platforms, pricing, free trial availability, codec support, M3U link compatibility, and supported video codecs.


IPTV Pro APK lets Android users access live and on-demand TV. It features a simple UI and several channels. Offline viewing makes it ideal for travel.
IPTV Pro launched as a channel to transmit information in the form of paid video recording, which is very useful for users. You can get it with purchases in the app store. Its professionalism is its undisputed element. Regulating operations and supporting many different TV channels from many stations will make you more satisfied with what you spend. Errors related to transmission and launch speed have now been improved; try it out!

IPTV Pro v7.0.3 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)  

2 :  VU IPTV Player Pro

VU IPTV Player allows you to connect with your IPTV provider and play Live TV, Movies, Series, and TV Catchup.
  •     FEATURES OVERVIEW:    - Supports Xtream Codes API
  •     - Supports loading M3u File / URL
  •     - Watch: Live, Movies, and Series Streaming
  •     - Global Search
  •     - New Modern layout / UI Design
  •     - Support for EPG ( TV Program Guide)
  •     - Parental Controls
  •     - Fast Zapping
Links for download VU IPTV Player Pro

3 :  Ventox IPTV Player Pro

VentoX IPTV Player uses a unique interface and playback system that creates a whole new experience for any viewer. Rated as one of the best and most complete IPTV apps released on Google Play, join the app and experience the unique features it has to offer you.
VentoX IPTV Player v3.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

4 : IPTV Extreme Player Pro

IPTV Extreme is a particular application that can help users watch countless content from TV channels for free, but it does not come with any available channels. Instead, users can access a vibrant community of users and download special playlists to snatch the TV channel IDs to watch at any time. Not only that, they can connect to the IPTVs available in the family and watch all content through their phones comfortably and compactly.
  •     Tested With Clean Install On A12Box, A11Box, OnnBox, OnnStick, Chromecast HD, Gen2FS, Gen3FS, 4kMaxFS, SmartFireTV, SmartAndroidTV, 3 Older Boxes, 6,7,8,9,10,11 Phones & 3 Tablets.    No Mouse Toggle Needed .
  •     App Is Fully Functional With Option In Settings To Choose Banner Ads Instead Of Full Screen Ads(Minimal) .
  •     Some TV Devices Will Not See Any Ads .
  •     This app has advanced overlay or banner advertisements.
 IPTV Extreme Player APK

4 : GTPlayer Player Pro

Gtplayer is an IPTV application that supports XTREAM and STALKER server!
Gtplayer is an IPTV app for end-users that provides the facility to watch Live TV, VOD, Series on your Android Devices (only for TV devices). It supports XTREAM and STALKER server protocol and it's very easy to use
 Download GTPlayer APK

6 - Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader PRO

 About Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader

IPTV Loader, loads your own Playlist. DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LIST OR CHANNELS

  • - App DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LIST OR CHANNELS. You have to provide your own list or account.
  • - App Contains ads (buy PRO version to support me for ads-free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.loaderpro.player).
  • - App is not responsible for bad playlist you find around internet, which may lag or disconnect every few seconds (most of them are just testing list so they will disconnect every few seconds), app will do its best for better view.

 "What can Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader do:"
  1. - Easy manage your playlist (add and delete), support internet and local storage lists.
  2. - Parse your m3u playlists (from web or your storage) and show them in grid/list/tile with logos when available, groups also supported.
  3. - EPG also Supported for all m3us.(xmltv format required - also compressed in .gz ot .xz format)
  4. - Support Xtream Codes Accounts. (Live Tv - Movies - Series - Catchup)
  5. - Support MAG Portal. (Live Tv - Movies - Series - Radio - Catchup)
  6. - Can use Classic or TVStyle for android TV Boxes.
  7. - Support search function (search active group).
  8. - Easy and fast choose groups with “Select Group” button or by pressing next or previous buttons.
  9. - When you click a channel/video a video player dialog appears so you can choose the player you want.
  10. - Has 3 internal players (can play a lot of Formats without any external player), internal youtube player but also support external players (youtube official app, MXPlayer, Vlc, Wuffy, Xplayer, Soptohttp and Acestream for P2P so far).
  11. - Support LocalCast and WebViewCast for chromecast,DLNS and more
  12. - Support Website video (using internal web browser open websites with videos)
  13. - Support Recording while Watching.
  14. - Exclusive: This app has also internal web Browser, so you can add official site links as a channel and this app will load site inside app ,then when video load you can fullscreen as you done on your browser.
 Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader PRO

7- Telefizo Player Pro

Enjoy your movies, series and IPTV channels on your phone, tablet, TV or TV box.
TELEFIZO is a video player and does not contain any preconfigured channels.
You must add a playlist and a TV guide (EPG) made available by your provider.

Features available:
  1. - Live broadcasts and replay (if the playlist supports this function);
  2. - You can add unlimited number of M3U playlists;
  3. - You can add an unlimited number of XML EPGs;
  4. - Support for different streams (HLS, UDP, RTMP and others);
  5. - Sort and search function;
  6. - Parental control (playlist editor);
  7. - Favorites management;
  8. - Selection of audio tracks;
  9. - And much more...
Download Telefizo Player Pro