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PotPlayer is a highly popular multimedia player that offers a wide range of features and functionalities for playing various types of media files on Windows operating systems. It is developed by a South Korean company called Kakao and is known for its versatility, performance, and user-friendly interface.
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 Is PotPlayer lighter than VLC?

PotPlayer supports a vast array of media formats, including popular ones like AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, and more. It also supports advanced codecs such as H.264, H.265, and VP9, enabling smooth playback of high-definition and 4K videos. With its built-in hardware acceleration, PotPlayer optimizes the utilization of your computer's resources, ensuring smooth playback even for large files or high-bitrate videos.

One of the standout features of PotPlayer is its extensive customization options. Users can tweak and personalize the player's appearance by changing skins, applying various visualizations, and adjusting color themes. The player's interface is sleek and intuitive, providing easy access to all the essential controls and settings.

PotPlayer offers a wide range of playback features, including audio and video filters, equalizers, and post-processing effects, allowing users to enhance their viewing and listening experience. It supports various subtitle formats and offers extensive subtitle customization options, making it easy to sync subtitles, change font styles, and adjust timings.

The player also provides a comprehensive set of advanced features, such as screen capture, bookmarking, A-B repeat, and audio and video recording capabilities. It supports playback of incomplete or damaged media files, allowing you to preview partially downloaded files. Additionally, PotPlayer includes a built-in screenshot tool and supports 3D playback with compatible hardware.

PotPlayer's functionality can be further extended through various plugins and third-party add-ons, enabling additional features and compatibility with different file formats and protocols.
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In summary, PotPlayer is a powerful and versatile multimedia player that offers a wide range of features, supports numerous media formats, and provides extensive customization options. Its combination of performance, flexibility, and user-friendly interface has made it a preferred choice for many Windows users seeking a comprehensive multimedia playback experience.
Full Specifications
  • Added the ability to copy the path of the selected items to the playlist
  • Added the ability to move items to playlist
  • Added the ability to open the preferred language ?only ?in subtitle download
  • Fixed a problem where installation started slowly or freezed on certain PCs
  • Fixed an issue that certain WEBDAV servers cannot be connected
  • Fixed an issue that cannot list files on certain FTP servers
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when opening certain PNG files
  • Fixed a problem where navigation bar thumbnails were incorrect in certain MKVs
  • Fixed a problem that certain Blu-ray subtitles did not come out
  • Improved lyrics comprehension built into MP3
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