How to watch Portal and MAC IPTV on Windows?

 how to setup portal and mac address on windows laptop and desktop. There are two way i mean there are two mac portal player for windows available on.

 You can watch iptv protal and mac on android or android tv box easily. But you want to watch portal and mac iptv windows you can't watch by STB Emu player. So here we are If you want to watch IPTV on your Laptop or Desktop windows you are in the right site. In this article we are going to tell about that how you can watch Portal and MAC IPTV on your Windows.
There are so many iptv player for windows but most commonly they can stream only the m3u github iptv, m3u8 iptv github and xtream code but there are no such a stable Portal and MAC iptv player for windows. So this article is going to help you with that. So without further due lets get started.

What is IPTV Portal and MAC?

Stbemu portal and mac is a iptv credentials. By this portal and mac address you can play 6000+ iptv for free. You can buy this portal and mac address from the IPTV provider or you can get it free from our website. Portal and MAC iptv credentials are very easy to setup on iptv on android and Windows. Portal and mac based device are old like MAG boxes and STB ( Set Top BOX ).

How to setup portal and mac address on windows?

This article is basically about how to setup portal and mac address on windows laptop and desktop. There are two way i mean there are two mac portal player for windows available on internet that can play portal and mac iptv services directly.
Setup portal and mac iptv on windows by SFVIP Plyer.

SFVIP is a very much user-friendly mac and portal iptv player for windows. If you wanted to play portal and mac address iptv on windows this iptv player is best for you. Here a quick guide to setup portal and mac address on SFVIP portal iptv player.

  •     First download this SFVIP portable player from internet.
  •     Then double-click on exe file and open the player.
  •     Now click on the three dot menu from the upper right corner.
  •     Now press on profile icon.
  •     After that click on MAC now you will see a popup menu .
  •     Now write a profile name, past your host address in the address box and past your      MAC address from the MAC box.
  •     Now press on OK. You are good to go.
  •     Now in the home page of this player you will see the created profile.
  •     Now press on that profile you created and boom, your portal and mac iptv setup are complete on laptop and Windows.

Setup portal and mac iptv on windows by Sfvip player ?

Also, you can play Xtream code Iptv and m3u file in this SFVIP Player. For better understanding, follow the photo tutorial given below. 

Download SFvip Player

Setup portal and mac iptv on windows by stalker portal player v7.1

Stalker v7.1 portable player is very much easy to navigate because of this player's user friendly interface. You can easily setup portal and mac on stalker player. In this article we will tell you how you can set up portal and mac iptv on windows by stalker v7.1 player.
  •     First download the stalker player v7.1 portable from the internet.
  •     Now open the player.
  •     In the home interface of this stalker player you will see "Play MAC" menu.
  •     From this menu you will see DNS Address box.
  •     In this DNS Address box write your portal.
  •     Below DNS address box you will see another box named MAC address.
  •     Write your portal's mac address in this box and press on connect button.
  •     If your portal and mac is working it will connected within a second.
Beside that you can also play m3u playlist url and m3u playlist update file in this iptv player.

For a better understanding, you can follow the photo tutorial. 

Stbemu pro alternative for windows

So guys those are the best alternative of stbemu player for windows. You can easily configure those portal and mac iptv player with some simple steps are given here.


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